Adding Suzani Embroidery to Your Home

Have you heard about suzani embroidery? This is a popular fabric that is often used in the home for various products. So, what is it and will it look good in your home?

Originating in Central Asia, suzani embroidery is an exquisite fabric that comes in many different designs. The term “suzan”, is Persian and means needle. In the past, this fabric was sewn together and the design was drawn onto it. The designs were then embroidered separately. These designs are often flowers or vines.

Suzani fabrics can be used for many different products. At Alesouk, we offer custom made suzani embroidery using only the highest quality materials. Our unique styles are sure to stand out from any other designs you might find in your local store.

Our suzani fabrics can be used for various products. One of the most popular products is our suzani throw pillows or pillow covers. The flowers and colorful designs will liven up your room and add bright colors to a neutral room.

At Alesouk we offer many suzani embroidery designs to choose from. Our embroidery can also be used as a wall hanging to add an interesting touch of decor to your room. We also have many suzani pillows to choose from.

Many stores in your area might sell patterns that look like suzani embroidery. However, when you buy our products, you are purchasing unique suzani. You are also buying high quality, durable materials. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in your purchase.

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Making Changes to Your Home with New Throw Pillows

Screenshot ikat

Looking to redecorate your home in the most affordable way? Changing your furniture or adding a new coat of paint could be costly. There are many ways to make a change to your room including color and design without burning a hole in your wallet. One of these simple ways is by using throw pillows.

If you currently have throw pillows in your living area, you might consider getting new ones with new colors or designs. If you don’t want to get rid of your pillows, but want to change their design, you might consider velvet pillow covers.

If you are using throw pillows, there a few things you should keep in mind. The most important thing is the color. The colors of your throw pillow should properly complement the rest of your room. They should stand out in the room while not looking tacky. This is why you want to choose a design that complements the rest of your home.

At Alesouk we have many different designs and colors to choose from. We offer suzani pillows, ikat throw pillows and velvet pillow covers. Each type of pillow is made differently and can have a different effect in your home. For example, the suzani pillows are made using an age-old embroidery technique. This embroidery provides exquisite designs. The ikat throw pillows, on the other hand, are made using ikat fabrics that are handwoven. Ikat often has bright, bold colors that are sure to add a pop of color to a neutral room.

If you are looking for new pillows or velvet pillow covers, let us help. All of our pillows are handcrafted using traditional techniques. Don’t let the idea of redecorating make you think you have to spend much money. Instead, browse our online catalog and give your room an adjustment with elegant throw pillows.

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How Oriental Area Rugs Can Change the Look of Your Home


Have you been considering an area rug for your home? Maybe you have empty floor space, or maybe you are looking to replace a current area rug. Whatever you reasoning is, you will find that an area rug in the home can add style, design and fullness to a room.

At Alesouk we offer a wide variety of oriental rugs for saleto choose from. For example, the kilim area rugs, turkmen rugs, and Persian rugs. These rugs are all different in design, texture and materials used.

The kilim area rug can be made of wool or cotton. It does not have pile, which makes it more durable in high traffic areas. The kilim area rugs that are hand crafted by our artisans in Central Asia. They are often designed using natural colors. These rugs are designed to withstand great traffic in the home.

Another type of rug that is much different in design from the kilim rugs is the Turkmen rug. These rugs are also often made of wool, but have bright patterns.

At Alesouk, all of our rugs are traditionally made by artisans throughout Central Asia. You will find some of the highest quality and durable materials when it comes to oriental rugs for sale and all of our other products. Our artisans bring culture and tradition into each product.


In addition to oriental rugs, we also offer many other home decor products such as throw pillows, wall hangings, cushions and much more. Our catalog has various products to choose from to help you decorate your home.

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Turning Ikat Fabric into Standout Products for Your Home

DSC_00801-600x382- ikat fabric

If you are looking to decorate or redecorate your home, you might have looked for various items such as throw pillows, curtains, table runners or even area rugs. However, finding a pattern or design that best complements your style and the colors in your room can be difficult. This is why many people opt to make their own products using ikat fabrics by the yard. This fabric is a very popular type of fabric because of its incredible designs and vibrant colors.

At Alesouk, we have many different fabrics to choose from. All of our fabrics are handcrafted by artisans throughout Central Asia. Ikat fabric is hand-woven using ancient techniques. These techniques create bold, vibrant designs.

So, what can you do with ikat fabrics by the yard? There are many options when it comes to this fabric. Pillow covers can make a big change to any room. Simply changing the design or colors on your throw pillows can update your look.

Not only can you make throw pillows or pillow covers with ikat fabric. It also makes great curtains in a room. Covering your windows with this fabric and adding this design to a neutral room can help add color and make your room much more inviting.

Many people also choose to add ikat fabric to their dining room as a table runner. When having company for dinner, an exquisite design makes your room look much richer.

If you are planning to use ikat fabrics by the yard to create home decor products, you should browse our designs at Alesouk. We offer custom made ikat fabric that comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. All of our products are handmade by artisans throughout Central Asia using high quality materials. We sell ikat fabricfor affordable prices and will ship to most countries around the world.

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Selecting an Oriental Rug for Sale


When it comes to home decor, sometimes all a room needs to spruce it up is a new area rug. The area rug can accent your room, but choosing one can be a difficult process. So, where do you start when you are looking for oriental rugs for sale?

Size and Color

The size and color are two of the most important factors to consider when choosing an area rug. It is important to measure the room and determine the best size of area rug. You do not want a rug that overpowers your room, you also do not want it to get lost because it is too small. the rug should perfectly measure up to your furniture.

When it comes to design and colors, you should choose something that complements the room. For example, if you have neutral color furniture, you might want a rug that adds a pop of color. However, you do not want anything that will clash with your walls or furniture.

Types of Oriental Rugs for Sale

There are many different types of oriental area rugs. Several examples of area rugs include kilim area rugs, turkmen rugs, and persian rugs. All of these rugs are very different, but they all offer beautiful designs. Kilim area rugs are known to be very durable, which is great if your rug is in a high traffic area.

When choosing your oriental rugs for sale at Alesouk, we offer a wide variety of designs to choose from. All of our rugs are handcrafted by professional artisans using ancient techniques and high quality materials. We ensure that whichever oriental rug for sale you choose will be the perfect edition to your home.

If you are interested in browsing our online catalog or wish to purchase our area rugs, visit our website at Alesouk today.

Oriental handcrafted Rugs for Sale: They are a Magical form of Art


The art of making oriental rugs is magical. The Kilim area rugs come from central Asia and the artisans who make them can claim to belonging to generations of artisans that span thousands of years. Even today traditional oriental rugs for sale use the same designs woven through rugs in ancient times.

Silk and wool Kilim area rugs are the most elegant, traditional and durable, making them the most coveted. To make the ikat fabrics used in the carpet making cocoons of silkworms are harvested and spun into strong thread, then dyed to wondrous vibrant colors.

These are then fabricated into ikat fabrics sold by the yard, or threads to be woven into oriental rugs and carpets that are for sale. Most artisans use natural dyes made from berries, nuts and roots to color the Ikat fabrics which are sold by the yard, but also the threads used to make oriental carpets.

Hand Knotted

All Kilim area rugs are hand knotted and the tying of these knots into the rug is a complex process. A frame, known as a loom holds the rug in place as the artisan weaves in the ikat fabric threads.

These are not the average heavy duty knot a sailor might use. No this is a complex process where the weaving is an asymmetrical double knot or a combination with the Persian single knot; both made to last for hundreds of years.

And the Magic Begins…

While the intricacies of the average oriental rug for sale are certainly distinct and interesting, it is the art that makes the Kilim area rugs so magical.

The magic in the oriental rugs for sale begins as the patterns and designs begin to take form. It’s the geometric patterns, the designs, the vines, vases and other traditional design patterns that makes the weaving stand out. In many cases, a weaver will work form memory with age old designs imprinted into his mind. At other times complex patterns are drawn out onto graph paper and scaled down to specific size within the weaving.

How Long does It Take to Weave One of the Kilim Area Rugs?

It can take days, months or even years to finish a single oriental rug that comesup for sale. This depends on the carpet size, the design complexity and the number of weavers working on a single rug.

The Magical Story Behind every Oriental Rug for Sale

What makes these hand woven Kilim area rugs so special, favored among other hand woven rug?

Beyond their extreme beauty, the hand-made kilim area rug there is a long lasting story interwoven into each rug. Folklore says that the weavers (mostly women) create these rugs as a permanent memory of their feelings or of important days in their lives. The rugs are woven with joy, sorrow, longings and love. In the choice of color, motif and patterns these feelings come through, just as they would in any artists work. Look closely at the oriental rug for sale you are considering and you may see similarities in family work, or even in the work that comes from one village as opposed to another.

In ever Kilim area rug you are reading a life, a joy or a sorrow. The weaving of the oriental rug for sale is a truly astounding process.

Choosing the Right Throw Pillows for Your Room

It’s no secret that throw pillows can add the right touch to your room. They add color and design to your room. Throw pillows can be used to accent your neutral color furniture. Most couches definitely need a few throw pillows. So, how do you choose the right throw pillows for your decor?

First, you want to consider the size of your pillows. The size depends on the sofa you are putting them on. A standard sofa will require standard throw pillows. However, if you have a bigger couch, you might consider oversized throw pillows to add a comfier feel to the couch.

Next, you want to decide the type of throw pillows you want. At Alesouk, we have ikat throw pillows and suzani pillows. The ikat throw pillows can be made from silk or cotton. Whichever material is used, they boast bold designs and bright colors. The suzani pillows are a little different because they are embroidered. The designs are much different from the ikat pillows, but the quality is always top notch.

Once you decide on the type of pillow you are looking for, you want to know which colors you want in the room. The colors and designs should complement your home decor. You should choose a pillow that best matches your overall style, as well.

When buying your pillows, you might want to consider buying an odd number of pillows. The number of pillows you buy should depend on the size of your couch.

If you are looking for ikat throw pillowsor suzani pillows, then we can help. Our wide selection of throw pillows is sure to add a nice touch of design to any room in your home. To learn more about our products or to browse our online catalog, visit our website at