How to Properly Use Throw Pillows in Your Home

Changing your home decor can sometimes be as simple as changing your throw pillows. This is an affordable way to make a noticeable change. After all, throw pillows can add color and design to a rather boring room.

However, when choosing the right throw pillows for your living space, there are a few things to consider. For starters, the size of your pillow matters. You do not want a pillow that is too big for your couch, or else it will overpower your furniture. You also don’t want a pillow that is too small or it will get lost on your couch and not do anything for your home decor.

The number of throw pillows on your couch also makes a difference. The size of your couch makes a difference when determining the number. For example, you would not put 10 pillows on a couch that seats 4. The standard number of throw pillows is often three.

When it comes to the design and colors of your throw pillows, you want to purchase something that complements your style. There are many different types of throw pillows such as ikat throw pillows and suzani pillows. These types of pillows are much different from each other. The ikat throw pillows have bold, vibrant designs. The suzani pillows use intricate detail and often have floral designs.

At Alesouk, our online catalog is full of many different types of throw pillows and pillow covers. From ikat throw pillows to suzani pillows all of our pillows are custom made by skilled artisans using age-old techniques. They are all made using the highest quality materials and at Alesouk you get this quality for affordable prices.

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Changing Your Home Decor for Each Season

When it comes to your home decor, every so often it needs a change. As the weather gets warmer you might want to consider adding brighter colors to a room. Summer colors include bold, vibrant pinks and blues. However, as the sun goes down earlier and the weather gets colder, you want a more cozy room. Darker decor might be the way to go. However, this all depends on your living space and your style.

Making a change to a room can be as simple as changing the curtains or the throw pillows on your couch. For the summer time, you might want to add those bright colored pillows to brighten up your room. One of the most popular throw pillows at our store, Alesouk, is ikat throw pillows. These pillows are common because of their bold designs. With ikat throw pillows you will find that something so simple can make a major difference in your living space.

The material of your home decor also makes a difference each season. For example, in the winter you might opt for velvet pillow covers. This material is more of colder weather type of material and won’t often be used in the summer. With velvet pillow covers you will add a warmth to your home during the cold season.

Other ways to make a change to your home is by updating your window treatments or even adding a table runner to your dining room. At Alesouk we have many products to choose from based on your style and the colors that you are looking for. We have items for every season.

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How to Get The Right Oriental Rug for Your Home


Looking to update your home decor? Is your home a little out of date or need to be spruced up? When changing up your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dump a lot of money on lots of new products. Instead, a simple change such as an area rug can make a big difference in your home.

When you are looking for the right oriental rugs for sale, there are many different types to choose from. However, before you start looking you want to decide what type of design and colors you are looking for. You might also want to consider if there is a type of material you are looking for. Many area rugs come in silk, wool or cotton.

At Alesouk, we have a wide variety of oriental rugs for sale such as kilim area rugs, afghan, Persian and Turkish rugs. Each of these rugs are crafted using different techniques. However, they are all custom made using age-old traditions. We work with artisans from around Central Asia who create unique area rugs for your home.

At Alesouk, we will help you choose the right rug for you. However, we recommend measuring your living space. It is best to know the size of the area before you buy your rug. After all you do not want an area rug that is too large or too small. If you are putting your area rug in a high traffic area, then we recommend a kilim area rug. These rugs are great because they do not have pile. They are durable and long-lasting.

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