Alesouk- Your Source for Authentic Central Asian Art

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The addition of an area rug to any room in your home or office is a quick easy way to completely change the look and feel. At Alesouk we offer an extensive line of oriental rugs for sale. Our selections of oriental rugs include some of the finest designs and techniques in creation. The majority of our selection is hand woven or handmade. All of the styles and intricate designs that you will see stem from us authentic art forms that date back hundreds of years. We have Afghan rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Turkmen rugs and Kilim area rugs all in stock and available for purchase today.

More than Just Rugs

At Alesouk we offer more than just area rugs as well. We have some of the most beautiful and elegant velvet pillow covers that you have ever laid eyes upon. Our Suzani embroidery panels are handmade and designed based off of authentic art techniques that have been used for many of years in Uzbekistan. We also offer Ikat fabric by the yard.

Not a DIY Type Person, No Worries

If you are not comfortable with sewing your own pillow covers you can buy one of our Ikat throw pillows that are authentically handmade. It is at home or in your office you are guaranteed to find something within our selection that will be the perfect match for your style. To freshen up the feel of any room should not require a complete remodel. Come see us today and let us help you pick out that unique piece for your area.

Traditional and Authentic

Each of the products sold at Alesouk is handcrafted by someone who is very knowledgeable in the ancient techniques needed. Kilim, Ikat and Suzani are all treasure art forms that have been mastered and past down over many years. You can see the passion and just why when you see the amazing home décor options at Alesouk


The Who, What and How of Alesouk

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Do you know someone that enjoys the beauty of Suzani pillows or Suzani embroidery panels? Do you know someone who loves the off the wall, unique gifts such as Kilim area rugs? Or do you know an art enthusiast who is always looking for the rare pieces from places such as Central Asia? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to check out the selection of unique collectibles including textiles offered at Alesouk.

Who is Alesouk?

Alesouk is an up and coming manufacturer and provider of home art decoration options. They offer an array of products that are handmade using some of the finest and oldest methods that have been used for many years. They only sell products that are made authentically by local artisans know are very skilled in their trade.

What Do They Offer?

They currently offer options such as Kilim area rugs and oriental rugs for sale. They have a wide variety of Suzani options available such as Suzani pillows, Suzani panels, Suzani table runners and more. They also offer a selection of collectibles, unique gifts, home decor and much more. They also offer Ikat options as well such as Ikat pillows and Ikat fabric by the yard for those who just enjoy a unique piece.

How Can You Contact Them or Learn More?

Simple. Log on to their website at www. On their website you can view their entire collection easily from anywhere you prefer. At the bottom of their webpage you will find links to a lot of information such as their policies, shipping and delivery information, terms and conditions and much more. They also have sizing charts available as well. You can contact their friendly and professional service team via phone at +998911920012. Or Via email at if you prefer. If you are on their website you can simply Click the ‘Need advice’ icon on the right side of each page to chat with their staff online.